How to maintain sealed angular contact bearings? Maintenance steps and precautions

Sealed angular contact ball bearings must be maintained regularly during use. Maintenance is for the bearings to run stably for a longer period of time. If they are used all the time without maintenance, the service life of the bearing will be reduced and the failure rate will increase, so maintenance work It is very important. Let’s talk about how to maintain sealed angular contact bearings by Rockwell editor below!

1. Maintenance steps of sealed angular contact bearings

1) When the sealed angular contact bearing is running for a certain period of time, or when the maintenance period is reached, all the bearings need to be removed for maintenance and repair.

2) When cleaning the bearings, diesel or kerosene should be used to soak and clean the bearings. If possible, the sealing cover can be opened to clean the bearings.

3) After cleaning, check to ensure that the cleaning oil does not exist, and check the appearance of the surface for damage.

4) Find a wooden rod or hollow tube, the length is about 150mm, the diameter is equal to the inner diameter of the angular contact bearing, one end is fixed with a bearing, and then the bearing is quickly turned by hand, while the other end of the wooden rod (hollow tube) is placed on the ear or On the audio amplifier microphone, listen to whether the bearing rotation noise is normal.

5) After fixing the sealed angular contact bearing, move the wooden rod horizontally to check whether the bearing is worn or loosened.

6) If the bearing is found to have excessive rotating noise, serious looseness, and severely damaged sealed angular contact bearings, immediately eliminate them and replace them with new bearings.

7) Put an appropriate amount of grease into the bucket with a slow flame, taking care not to overheat, then put the tested bearing in the bucket until there is no bubble overflow, and take out the angular contact ball bearing after the grease cools down.

8) Refueling should be carried out in a dust-free environment. Use clean hands to refuel, slowly rotate the bearing with one hand, and use the index finger and middle finger of the other hand to squeeze the oil into the cavity of the bearing, and then use a clean soft cloth to put the bearing outside Wipe off the grease, and assemble the angular contact bearing on the pulley as it is.

2. Precautions for maintenance of sealed angular contact bearings

1) For bearings that have not been greased, they must be cleaned with good quality kerosene until the kerosene feels obvious resistance and vibration during rotation.

2) After cleaning, the sealed angular contact bearings must be dried in a clean space and then greased. The grease filling amount is generally about 1/3 of the remaining space inside the bearing.

3) Violent blows are strictly prohibited when installing the maintained bearings to the pulleys as they are to avoid direct damage.

4) Different types of grease cannot be added to the same bearing.

5) Check the condition of the disassembled bearing first. If it is found to affect the use, you can directly replace the new bearing to avoid affecting the subsequent use.

After the above introduction, I believe you should understand how to maintain sealed angular contact bearings. Here I want to remind you that during maintenance and installation, you must ensure that the surrounding environment is clean and dust-free. A special operating room can be set up, because if dust enters the bearing It will directly affect the operating efficiency of the equipment. If you encounter any problems during maintenance, you can contact Luoyang Rockwell Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. at any time. We have dedicated technicians to answer your questions.