Machine Tool Bearings

Machine Tool Bearings Introduction

The machine tool bearings produced by LYLKWE have high precision, high-speed performance, high temperature resistance, good rigidity, and load-bearing capacity.

Size range

4mm-480mm (0.1575 inches -18.897 inches) aperture

The high-precision and ultra high speed series can meet all the needs of your machine tools.

Machine tool bearings:

machine tool bearings

LYLKWE’s R&D and design expertise is always at your service

Our design team provides you with a solution that suits your technical needs. LYLKWE produces and develops machine tool bearings with the following characteristics:

High precision: can reduce the radial runout and axial displacement of the spindle, improve the machining quality and accuracy of the workpiece.

High speed performance: It can reduce the inertia resistance of the spindle, improve the response speed and dynamic performance of the machine tool, and has high rotational speed and acceleration.

High temperature resistance: able to work for a long time in high temperature environments, with good high temperature resistance, which can improve the processing efficiency and service life of machine tools.

Good rigidity and load-bearing capacity: Reducing the deformation and vibration of the workpiece can ensure the stability and accuracy of the workpiece during the processing.

Long lifespan and high reliability: can reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, lower maintenance costs and downtime, and ensure long-term stable operation of the machine tool.

Corrosion resistance: It has good corrosion resistance and can adapt to long-term use in various environments.

Easy to install and maintain: With the characteristics of easy installation and maintenance, it can reduce maintenance costs and time costs, and improve the efficiency of machine tool use.


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