What are the main forms of damage to sealed angular contact ball bearings? Causes and solutions

Sealed angular contact ball bearings will fail after being used for a period of time. Different failures prove that the bearing has suffered different degrees of damage. At this time, we need to analyze the causes according to different damages and solve them in time. Then the sealed angular contact ball bearings are damaged. What are the main forms? Let’s analyze it for you in the following editor from Rockwell!

Sealed angular contact ball bearings have three main types of damage, such as peeling, seizing, and cracking. Let’s take a look at how to solve these three different types of damage!

1. The sealed angular contact ball bearing is peeling off

The peeling of sealed angular contact ball bearings refers to the peeling of the inner and outer ring raceway surfaces or rolling surfaces due to fatigue. There are two types of peeling. One is that after the bearing has been used for a long time, it has reached its service life. Fatigue spalling, the other is the early spalling of the bearing when it is abnormally affected, which results in the service life of the bearing being greatly shortened. The main reasons for this are foreign matter and moisture entering the inner surface of the bearing; improper installation and misalignment; improper bearing clearance; poor lubrication and unsuitable lubricant.

Solution: We can improve the working seal of the bearing and regularly check the seal of the equipment; improve the installation method and use special tools to install; select a lubricant with a suitable viscosity; strengthen inspections and increase bearing temperature measurement measures; regularly check the accuracy of the equipment. Reduce bearing peeling damage.

2. Sealed angular contact ball bearing seizure

Sealed angular contact ball bearings run at high speeds and rapidly heat up during operation. With the passage of working time, their rolling elements and rings will soften, change color, and break. Usually, the main reasons for angular contact ball bearing seizure are excessive speed, poor lubrication, too small clearance, and foreign matter ingress.

Solution: We can reduce the seizure defects of the bearing by selecting suitable lubricants and lubrication methods; regularly checking the seal, fit, clearance and other measures of the bearing.

3. The sealed angular contact ball bearing is broken

Because excessive load or impact is applied to the rib of the snare or the part of the rounded corner of the roller, a small part of the bearing is broken. Generally, the cause of bearing rupture is percussion during installation, which can usually be reflected during trial operation, in the form of equipment shaking; excessive load and overload operation make the bearing unable to meet the load-bearing requirements; the quality of the bearing itself.

Solution: In order to avoid rupture and damage of angular contact ball bearings, the following measures can be taken to improve: hot-fitting during installation, using appropriate fixtures; adjusting the load of the equipment; selecting bearings with excellent quality and performance.

After the above introduction, it can be seen that the main forms of sealed angular contact ball bearing damage are peeling, seizing, cracking, etc. If we encounter different forms of damage, we can solve them according to different reasons. If you encounter a bearing failure, If you know how to solve it, you can contact Luoyang Rockwell Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. at any time, and we will solve the problem for you in time according to your situation.