Spindle bearing models and selections

LYLKWE spindle bearings are universal bearings, and the bearing rings have the same width. The protrusions on both sides of the bearing are the same size.

Advantages of universal matched bearings

Individual bearings can be installed in any bearing arrangement required, such as X-shaped, O-shaped or tandem arrangements with rigid or elastic preload, or can be combined in different bearing groups.

In a tandem bearing arrangement, in order to ensure that the bearings carry a consistent load, the bearings being paired have the same dimensional deviation between the inner and outer diameters.

In a rigidly adjusted O-ring arrangement, grouping detection of interference between the shaft and bearing bore diameters or housing and bearing outside diameters can help control changes in actual preload after the bearing is installed.

Bearings can be arranged according to the direction of the arrow on the outer ring surface.

Universal matching bearing set

The universal matched bearing set is composed of universal matched bearings with the same bearing inner diameter deviation and the same bearing outer diameter deviation.

The dimensional deviation represents the actual size code, which is the deviation value of the inner diameter or outer diameter marked on the bearing ring.

The universal matched bearing set is composed of multiple bearings with the same technical quality and the same bearing inner diameter deviation and bearing outer diameter deviation.

Bearing group identification

The first letter indicates the number of paired bearings:

D=2 bearings (double)

T=3 bearing (triple)

Q=4 bearings (quadruple).

“U” means “universal pairing” such as DU. After these letters, there is an indication of the preload level, such as DUL, where “L” means light preload.

Universal bearing sets can be installed in any required bearing arrangement.

Fr=radial load

Fa = axial load

①DU becomes DB, 2 bearing groups arranged in type 0

②DU becomes DF, 2 bearing groups arranged in X type

③DU becomes DT, 2 bearing groups arranged in series

Ready-to-install bearing sets

Ready-to-install bearing sets can be supplied by agreement. In this case, the mounting direction of the bearing set is indicated by a large arrow marked across the entire bearing set.

Ready-to-install bearing sets are technically equivalent to universal matched bearing sets.

However, universal matching bearing sets have logistical advantages over ready-to-install bearing sets. Especially in the purchase of accessories and inventory management.

Load carrying capacity and contact angle

Contact angle

Universal matched bearings can withstand unidirectional axial load and radial load. The contact angle indicates the axial load carrying capacity of the bearing. When the contact angle increases, the corresponding axial load-bearing capacity also increases.

The contact angles that LYLKWE spindle bearings can provide are:

α=150 (suffix C)

α=200 (suffix D)

α=250 (suffix E).

The contact angle direction mark is marked on the cylindrical surface of the outer ring, as shown in the figure below. The open end of the arrow points toward the ribbed end of the outer ring.

α=contact angle

Contact angle designation of individual bearings

Universal matched spindle bearings are available in designs: B, RS and H bearings.

B spindle bearing:

Standard spindle bearings

big ball

Contact angle 15° and 250

High load carrying capacity and high stiffness

Moderate speed.

RS spindle bearings:

new design

  • big ball

Contact angle 20°

Due to the optimized design of the internal friction of the bearing, high speeds can be achieved

Not sensitive to dynamic overturning

High load-bearing capacity under combined axial and radial loads

Especially suitable for high-speed milling spindles and electric spindles.

H spindle bearing (high speed design):

  • small ball

Contact angle 15° and 25°

Due to the optimization of rolling element friction and the extremely low centrifugal force internal design it is suitable for very high.

High speed and high stiffness

Particularly suitable for high-speed spindles and grinder spindles.

Bearing Type Design

LYLKWE can provide steel balls, ceramic balls and bearings in open, sealed and DLR designs.