What materials are used for high-speed bearings? Material requirements for bearings and components

Compared with other bearings, high-speed bearings have special requirements in terms of materials, so as to ensure that the manufactured bearings can exert better performance, so what materials are used for high-speed bearings? Now the editor of Rockewell will introduce to you what are the requirements for materials used in high-speed bearings and various components!

1. Material requirements for high-speed bearings

1) high temperature hardness

High-speed bearings have high temperature themselves or work at high temperatures, so the requirements for high-temperature conditions are different. For example, high-speed bearings working at a temperature of 220°C require high-temperature materials to be selected at 315°C. This is because high-speed bearings require more High temperature hardness, so as to resist the deformation tendency caused by the speed effect at high speed. The commonly used steels for high-speed bearings usually used at high temperatures are M50, M2, WB49, and M315, etc. Among them, M50 steel is melted by vacuum induction method and then remelted by vacuum arc method than steel melted by vacuum induction method alone. The lifespan can be increased by more than 5 times, so there are more applications.

2) corrosion resistance

High-speed bearings are rarely directly involved in corrosion problems, but they may fail due to material corrosion. Therefore, when encountering such problems, corrosion-resistant alloys, chromium ion implanted M50 steel, and silicon nitride ceramics can be used. Bearings made of materials.

2. The materials used for high-speed bearing rings require good toughness

If the dmn value is small, the high-speed bearing will appear surface or sub-surface fatigue failure form. When the dmn value exceeds 2.5 million, the fatigue layer cracks will develop to a deeper level, and in severe cases, it will cause the inner ring to be formed. The block is peeled off, so it is necessary to use surface hardened steel with high internal toughness and high surface strength to make the ferrule, such as AISI8620, CBS600, CBSl000M and VASCOX-2 steel.

Three, high-speed bearing cage materials require high strength

The cage of high-speed bearings is required to be made of light and high-grade materials. If the requirements are higher, AMS4616 silicon bronze, S-Monel alloy, etc. can be used. Generally, the iron alloy AIS14340 (AMS6415) is commonly used, and the heat treatment hardness is required to be in the range of HRC28-36. In order to improve the friction characteristics of the cage, a layer of 20-50μm silver film (such as AMS2412 and 2410) can usually be plated on its surface.

After the above answer to the question of what material is used for high-speed bearings, it is known that the materials used in high-speed bearings require higher high-temperature hardness and corrosion resistance, the materials used in the ferrule require good toughness, and the materials used in the cage require high strength. The high-speed bearings and various components produced by Luoyang Rockewell Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. have excellent materials, guaranteed overall quality, and diverse specifications and models. If necessary, please call or leave a message for detailed inquiries.