Is it normal for angular contact ball bearings to heat up? What is the reason?

In many mechanical equipment, the spindle bearings are mostly angular contact ball bearings. Compared with other types of spindle bearings, this kind of bearing has the advantage of being able to carry both radial and axial forces. However, the heating problem is related to other types of spindle bearings. Spindle bearings still exist, so is it normal for angular contact ball bearings to heat up? What is the cause of heat generation?

Is it normal for angular contact ball bearings to heat up?

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Under normal circumstances, as long as the temperature is within the range of use requirements, the heating of angular contact ball bearings is a normal phenomenon, especially when used in a spindle environment that rotates at high speeds, heating is inevitable, and friction is the main reason for the heating of angular contact ball bearings. reason.

The friction of angular contact ball bearings is very complex, mainly including differential sliding friction on the channel contact surface, spin sliding friction, friction caused by external loads, and viscous friction of lubricating oil, etc. Among them, the interactive influence of frictional heating and heat-induced load It has a greater impact on the heat generation of the bearing.

During the operation of angular contact ball bearings, thermally induced load and frictional heating interact with each other. The bearing generates frictional heating under the action of radial load, axial load, initial preload force and rotational speed, which increases the bearing temperature and generates heat-induced load. The thermally induced load affects the frictional heat of the bearing, causing the bearing temperature to further increase until the bearing temperature tends to a stable state.

Interactive effects of frictional heating and thermally induced loads

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1. The influence of frictional heat on heat-induced load: The heat-induced load of bearings increases with the increase of frictional heat and temperature rise. This is because the friction and heat between the ball and the inner and outer ring grooves during the operation of the bearing will cause the bearing temperature to rise. The temperature rise will cause the bearing inner and outer ring groove bottom radii to change, thereby affecting the thermally induced load of the bearing.

2. Effect of heat-induced load on frictional heat: When heat-induced load occurs, the frictional heat caused by differential sliding, spin sliding and load increases, while the frictional heat caused by the viscosity of lubricating oil is only affected by The speed is affected, so there is no change.

Regarding whether it is normal for angular contact ball bearings to heat up, the above is all the content compiled by angular contact ball bearing manufacturers. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. It is worth noting that although it is normal for angular contact ball bearings to heat up, if installed and used improperly, there are still problems such as bearing failure caused by excessive temperature, so everyone needs to install and use them in strict accordance with relevant standards.