Roller Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Roller Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings Introduction

The double row angular contact ball bearings typically use balls as rolling elements. However, there are bearings that incorporate both balls and rollers.

These bearings are often used in applications such as machine tool spindles, gearboxes, and other precision equipment where both radial and axial loads need to be supported, and the design allows for higher load capacities and better performance under certain conditions.

The roller double row angular contact ball bearing (LR50 series) has a reasonable structural design and adopts a double row angular contact ball design, which can withstand large axial and radial loads. At the same time, the inner ring and outer ring of the bearing are in contact with the roller and cage respectively, giving the bearing high stability and long service life.

It has strong load-bearing capacity and can withstand large axial and radial loads under high-speed operation conditions. This makes the bearing suitable for use in various high-precision, high-load mechanical systems, such as CNC machine tools, industrial robots, etc.

Bearing Code (Outer Diameter Straight Surface) Bearing Code (Outer Diameter Arc Surface) Dimensions( mm ) Rated Load(KN) Reference Weight
Dust Cover Type Seal Type Dust Cover Type Seal Type d D B rmin Cr Cor Mass(kg)
LR5000 KDD LR5000 NPP LR5000 KDDU LR5000 NPPU 10 28 12 0.3 5.647 3.198 0.038
LR5001 KDD LR5001 NPP LR5001 KDDU LR5001 NPPU 12 30 12 0.3 6.109 3.700 0.042
LR5002 KDD LR5002 NPP LR5002 KDDU LR5002 NPPU 15 35 13 0.3 6.497 4.314 0.063
LR5003 KDD LR5003 NPP LR5003 KDDU LR5003 NPPU 17 40 14 0.3 9.063 6.102 0.088
LR5004 KDD LR5004 NPP LR5004 KDDU LR5004 NPPU 20 47 16 0.6 11.954 8.314 0.136
LR5005 KDD LR5005 NPP LR5005 KDDU LR5005 NPPU 25 55 16 0.6 12.559 9.476 0.157
LR5006 KDD LR5006 NPP LR5006 KDDU LR5006 NPPU 30 62 19 1.0 17.876 13.905 0.264
LR5007 KDD LR5007 NPP LR5007 KDDU LR5007 NPPU 35 68 20 1.0 20.776 17.251 0.315
LR5008 KDD LR5008 NPP LR5008 KDDU LR5008 NPPU 40 75 21 1.0 21.584 19.122 0.400
LR5009 KDD LR5009 NPP LR5009 KDDU LR5009 NPPU 45 80 23 1.0 22.394 20.800 0.750


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